Why I do it

A buddy at work was asking me about my bike commute today. He wanted to know the usual... "How long does it take? Is it dangerous? Aren't you cold?" It happens probably three days a week. And I'm not sure if I have an incredibly convincing answer. "I really like it," is the truth. It's an adventure every day. If it's plowing through snow, dodging puddles or climbing a steep hill, there's a memorable part of every commute.

Angie and I deciding long ago that we're each entitled to three one-hour workouts a week. And since my driving commute is 20 minutes and my bike commute is only 45, it feels like I'm squeezing extra time out of every day.

I'm not a super "green" guy. I have a car that I love. But there's something about that time before and after work everyday. Maybe it's because I'm an extrovert and this forces me to be alone. Maybe it's because of the adventure. I really don't know. But I don't have any intention of stopping.

If you've never tried bike commuting, you should. If you need motivation, leave your car at work and have a buddy drive you home. That way, your bike is your only option in the morning. That should get the pedals turning.


  1. Well, alright...now I get you read about your bicycle adventures, being commuting or whatever. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Doug!
    I'm star-struck! I figured if you're taking a break, I better jump in! :) Hold me accountable to writing this thing. I love this so much, I'd hate to keep it to myself. Thanks again for inspiring me!