Issues with the Family

Let's set the record straight, I have no issues with the four other people that live in my home.  They're the best.  I have an awesome wife and three incredible kids that I love more than anything the world can offer. There is one issue with the kids, though.  They're getting bigger.  A few years ago for my birthday, Angie got me a trailer to haul the kids around with my bike.  At this point, it has been an awesome investment.

But a couple weeks ago, I bundled up my four-year-old, Bliss, and tossed her in the trailer for a run to the library.  (I use the word "toss" very loosely.  It was more of a cram, push, stretch and shove.)  She no longer fits in this thing.  I'll have to move on to the next scenario.  Which is... Hmmm.

I can tell you what I want it to be.

The Surly Big Dummy is my first choice. It has all the necessary platform to build and build until my whole family is taking a ride.  It's a bit on the pricey side for a single-income family with three kids, though.

For now I think I'll be eyeing the Xtracycle for one of my existing bikes.  Hopefully it will suffice until I strike oil in my backyard.

Until then, the kids are gonna have to scootch in.


  1. I would like a Big Dummy. But I can't justify it when I have an Xtracycle that works perfectly good. It works so well, I may not be getting a BD for a very long time. The great thing about choosing to upgrade one of your current bicycles to an Xtracycle is you're recycling a bike you perhaps may not have used much otherwise.

  2. I hear you, Doug. My buddy is selling a Kona Smoke 2-9 for really cheap. It's a decent frame that will run 29" wheels which I like. I'm curious how the larger wheel size will work with the Xtra. But any xtracycle longbike would be great. My bike shop is running the Kona Ute on clearance. But I want something with plug-in features.