Bad Choices

Today was probably the worst commute I've ever had. I hate to say that and I've never said it before.  And I must admit that it was totally my fault.  I had planned on today being great. There was 4-6 inches of snow on the ground (which is very rare in Lexington, by the way).  I had chosen my mountain bike.

The last time we had snow I rode the CrossCheck with slightly knobby tires and fenders.  The snow, then, was dry and icy. There ended up being a solid formation of of ice between the tires and fenders.  There was a need to chip it away every mile-and-a-half or so.  So naturally, I chose a different bike this time.

Bad decision.  Today's snow was really slushy.  And about 2 miles into the ride it started raining.  So I'm rolling at 10mph with fat knobby tires and no fenders.  I had a steady stream of nastiness getting kicked up into my face and back for the entire 12 miles.  Add to that, the fact that I have no rack on the MTB so all my work clothes were in a backpack getting soaked.

I got to work and luckily had a key to the laundry room to dry my clothes. But my shoes were wet, my clothes are still moist and my spirit was dampened.  I've never felt that way in the three years I've been commuting and I hope I don't feel this way again anytime soon. Today, though, I'll continue to slosh around in my shoes and keep my chin up... and hopefully make better decisions next time.

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