Great Weather

We had one of those days today that was truly a gift.  We've been stuck inside for quite a while and while we've invented a lot of great things to do with ourselves (including playing Christmas and setting up the tent indoors), it was time for a visit to the park.  My lovely wife said that I should go for a ride at some point today (she's a winner, I know!) so I decided I'd meet the whole family at a park that was a good 10-12 miles away.  We could get in a good family outing and I could get in a ride.  Good choice.

The weather made it feel incredible.  I'm so used to having all the snow gear necessary to survive temps in the single digits.  It was so great to just be wearing a t-shirt and cut-off jeans.  In fact, I felt so good I decided to leave the road and journey through some single-track that would lead me to the park.  Good decision?  Probably not.  But I figured I had put those knobby tires on for snow, I may as well use them for mud since it was 60 degrees out.

The Snowpocalypse had left the ground muhhhd-dy.  It was sloppy and nasty. But it felt great.

I even had to pick my bike up and carry twice because the mud had gotten so thick between the tires and fenders. The Surly CrossCheck is the perfect bike for this scenario.  It's exactly why I chose it.  It will handle all my commuting needs, take me on a light bike tour for a camping trip, maintain the speed I needed for a triathlon, but also pull off into the mud with no worries.  I love this bike.

I have a buddy of mine considering this bike right now and I told him there's no way he could go wrong with it.  It will beckon from his garage to be ridden.  Near perfect for any scenario.  In fact, my next bike I buy will absolutely be his brother, The Long Haul Trucker.  But, I digress...

I got in all the mileage I had wanted, broke a good sweat and had an awesome time with the family at the park.  I think the little guy had fun, too.  By far, today was the greatest day I've had in a long time.

Get out there.

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