Bike Transport

Last week I picked up a used Yakima trunk rack off Craigslist for $20. I've had roof racks on all my cars since I was about 18 years old and they've been incredibly good to me. Actually, Yakima's stuff has carried bikes, kayaks, gas cans, tents, paddles, skis and about anything your could imagine on my vehicles... but always on top. The idea of a trunk rack is something new to me.

My Subaru has a roof rack but we have a minivan that I've never put anything on. I do have a rack that would work, but the reach to get anything on it's roof would be terribly inconvenient. For 20 bucks, I figured we couldn't beat this little guy.

I'm really surprised how well this thing works. I've seen a lot of super-store versions of this type of rack and they haven't seemed too sturdy. This thing is. The engineering behind it is simple, but affective. It has rubber straps that go across the top tube and a drop-down brace that straps to the down tube to keep the bike from swinging. That's where I've seen other trunk racks fall short. They allow the bike to sway when the vehicle accelerates or brakes. This one doesn't.

I don't need to transport my bikes too often. In fact, I frown upon it (I figure I should ride my bike, not drive it around). But this will be perfect for when I need to go somewhere with all three kids and up to three bikes.

I'd recommed it to anyone.

Get out there.

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