Toe Clearance

I've never had an issue with toe clearance on a bike before. But the newest rendition of the Cross Check has lead to some problems. I've definitely got a set of "balloon" tires on it right now (700 x 47c). And you may have noticed that I'm not running a front fender. With these tires and a fender, it became a bit hazardous.

After playing with it all, I've decided I'll have to go with a smaller tire and fender or just ditch the fenders altogether. Solution? Both, really. I've got to leave it as is until I can afford a smaller tire.

It's kind of a bummer, but I'm guessing these tires will just go to waste. There's not much market for a street 29er out there. I'll hang them in the garage until another bike project comes my way.

Get out there.


  1. I've got the same problem on my Cross Check. If I wear my winter cycling boots, I've gotta be careful about toe clearance with my fender. Don't have the problem with normal cycling shoes, but the boots have the cleat placement more to the rear than mountain shoes do.

    I just watch what I'm doing when it's cold enough to wear the boots, but it would be nice to not have the problem.

  2. @ Tracy - I suppose that is one of the limitations of this frame. To be honest, that may be the first I've found. I've run size 32 tires with other fenders and haven't had any issues, though. I think I was attempting a bit too much with these.