Out in the Twitterverse, there's something called 30daysofbiking going on in April. If you follow various bikey stuff online, you may already be aware. The basic challenge is to ride your bike somewhere at least once a day, every day in April. It doesn't matter if you just hop on the bike and spin around your neighborhood for a few minutes... a ride is a ride.

You should click over and check out the Twitter hashtag. It's really fun to see all the folks out there that are trying this cycling thing for the first time through 30daysofbiking. Events and competitions like this are a wonderful way to challenge yourself.

More than anything, using Twitter as a tool shows you that you're not alone. Rainy day? You're just a click away from seeing hundreds of others wringing out their cycling clothes. Scorching sun? The hashtag will show plenty of twitpics of all those other sunburned noses. It really is an encouraging notion to see others trying it with you.

I participated in last year's 30daysofbiking (which was in it's infancy) and thought it was great. On those days that don't quite lend themselves to a bike ride, you feel the accountability of hundreds of people you don't even know. It feels like you're going to disappoint them. So you hop on the bike and do what it takes.

I would encourage everyone to participate (even though it's a bit late). Think about it. You may love it.

Get out there.

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