Left or Right

When I pull out of my neighborhood, I usually go left. When I turn left, I see acres and acres of farmland. I see cows and horses. I see lots of trees and a whole lot of nature.

Turning right is a totally different experience...

The town I live in is old and quaint. It's street after street of old houses and small town life. I actually love it. But on a ride the other night I realized that I rarely have pictures of my right handed journeys. But whether left or right, I always enjoy my time on the bike.

Get out there.


  1. I find that most of my pictures I post to my blog are of the natural beauty of the area I live in. I tend to mentally edit out the industrial parts of my city when considering what pictures to snap. On my favorite commute route above the city on Skyline Dr I often shoot to the left where Lake Superior seems to go on forever. I almost never shoot to the right where the industrial working shipping harbor is.

  2. @ Doug - Yeah, I feel like I'm dishonest with myself sometimes. But it certainly isn't bad that half of my view is beautiful!