Another Rendition

Well, the new old Cross Check has had another facelift. The Jones H-Bars didn't quite feel right on the bike. I bought them as a bit of an experiment in the first place. I wanted to know how they felt compared to straight bars. They feel great, but didn't quite fit what I was going for on this bike.

I swapped the H-Bars out and put the Nitto North Road bars on from the Xtracycle. The new look is great. It's a subdued casual vibe, which I really like. But overall, the bike feels better. My wife is going to see a lot of miles on this bike and I want her to be uber comfortable. These bars are perfect for that.

The Xtracycle is now rocking the H-bars, but more on that later. It's had a complete makeover (bars, wheels, internally geared hub...). I'll take some pics and do a write-up soon.
The only thing left for tweaking on the Cross Check is the tire/fender situation. There's not enough toe clearance up front for fenders with these fat tires. The slightest turn has your foot clipping the wheel. I'm going to run it fender-free for a while to see what I think. I like the big tires, but I'm not a fan of sans fenders... I don't want to get caught in foul weather. We'll see, I guess.

Things are coming together for this summer's rendition of bicycles make-overs!

Get out there.

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