How Long?

Last week was spring break and I took off to spend some time with the wife and kids. After a full week of being home I now wonder how long it's going to be before my kids are riding 100% on their own. Last year they were all about riding on the Xtracycle. Now that the newness of that has worn off, they're wanting to ride solo.

It's super fun to watch. Bliss loves the action of the "big kid" bike and her brother won't be far behind. He doesn't like that she can go so much faster :)

All in all, I don't care how we ride as long as we ride. I'm just extremely happy being outside and being together.

Get out there.


  1. my kids hate the idea of going solo! the 8yo hates the 'wobbling'. she doesn't want to give up the trailerbike, but I just put it in the basement, until the 2yo is ready for it.