Blown Away

This morning's cross wind was so strong that one gust blew me completely off the road. Fortunately, it was in a location that didn't cause any risk of a crash. To any viewing motorists, it probably just looked like I yanked my handlebars to the right and headed into a ditch.

I kept the tires in contact with the ground and casually pulled up next to a fence for an unplanned photo-op... hence the nice little farm scene above.

Later on the commute I was able to ride with that heavy wind. It was, literally, "smooth sailing" as they say. I had even left with enough time to take a minute and play with the auto-timer on my camera app again.
You'll see that I still haven't installed a rack on the new Cross Check build. I hate riding with a backpack. For now, it's a necessary evil. Even though my preferred rack is only $25, the bike budget has been bled try for the foreseeable future. No complaints, though. It's just nice to be out.

Get out there.

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