Another Project

I've been considering an Adventure Race or mountain bike race this summer. The problem is I currently don't have a mountain bike. Solution? Get to work.

In all the nooks and crannies of my garage, I've stock piled parts on top of parts. I even had an old MTB frame waiting to be built up.

So that's my new project. The Xtracycle conversion is over and done with and I'm moving on to this MTB now. First thing's first... a new paint job. I've never painted a frame before and I'm absolutely positive that it doesn't fall into the category of "a great decision." But it will be fun to turn around and see something totally different. I'm looking forward to hitting the trails soon enough.

Get out there.

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  1. Painting tip - see if you can find a radiator shop that will soak the frame for you - they can do an acid bath that will take it down to bare metal - I've had some offer it up for free - doesn't apply to carbon fiber! It makes the job so much easier and the results are so much better than trying to sand it down or etch it off using chemicals yourself - and it's probably better for the environment since they have to properly manaage they waste and it's already in place... good luck! Riley