Lawn Boy

Yesterday, I had to get my mower from my buddy, Justin. He had borrowed it last week and only lives a couple miles from my house. I knew this would be one of those scenarios where loading it into the car would be just as much work as pedaling over there on a bike.

The kid trailer folds flat and by eyeballing it, I could tell that it would seat the mower just fine. So I rode over and loaded it up. It took about three minutes to load it and strap it in. From the time I left to the time I came home was exactly 20 minutes. I'm not sure that the car would have been any faster at all.
Plus the weather is so nice, these days. It was cool but sunny, the exact combination the neighborhood kids like for fishing in the pond. I love seeing them out there. There's some type of "old man" notion in my brain that says that kids don't hang out outside anymore. These guys were loving it, though.

I love these quick evening rides and running errands is a great motivator for doing it. I'd highly recommend it.

Get out there.


  1. Derrick,

    I hope it's okay, I borrowed some pictures from your blog and used them on mine?

    Take care,

  2. Hey Doug, absolutely! It'll be cool to see it!

  3. The bike is looking great! Very creating, hauling a lawn mower that way. What fun

  4. @ Apertome - Thanks! I think moving the Nitto bars on there was a much better decision. It's a great all-around bike.