Some guys at work asked me, yesterday, if I wanted to ride somewhere and eat lunch today. I'm always up for riding, so naturally I accepted their invitation. They asked if I knew of anywhere we could ride within a decent distance from the office and sit in the shade to eat.

So this morning's commute was peppered with a little scouting action to see if there was a good place to sit in the shade and enjoy a manly little picnic with friends (I've included the word "manly" there because I anticipate a lot of arm wrestling, growing beards and  peeing while standing up).
I even brought some coffee to test my "sit down and enjoy some type of consumption" criteria for the lunch spot. You may notice I'm rocking the Folgers single serving instant coffee packet there. They're like Starbucks VIA but they don't taste as good. But eight Folgers packets are one dollar. Eight Starbucks packets are eight dollars. Zoinks (as my wife would say). VIA is good. But it's not great. So if I'm not going to hit great, I'll settle for okay. So, settle down, all my coffee snob, friends. I know what I'm doing here.

Anyway, I found a great spot. It's an abandoned gravel road that's completely grown up at the beginning and end of the road, with a few small clearings that are great to sit and relax. You have to forge your way through lots of tall grass and weeds. But you don't have to get off the bike at all to do so. And all that overgrowth offers coverage and privacy (for all the peeing standing up).  I suppose I'll be back there for lunch today.

Get out there.

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