A Week Off

It's been a while since I posted anything over here. The wheels have still been rolling but the fingers just weren't documenting it. I took a week off of work just to be around my family before school starts up. One of my commitments to myself was to leave work and blogging off of the to-do list. I wanted to be present while I was at home, not thinking about my computer. We did do some fun bike riding. I'll report on it eventually. But for now, just the regular stuff...
Yesterday I took the opportunity to ride over lunch. We've had some wet weather recently, but the trails were just damp enough to offer a ton of traction without any slop. Plus, I think I've found the perfect pressure for my new tires. Honestly, I'm not even sure what it is... I didn't have a pump with me to check the PSI. I've just been letting out a little air at a time and riding on it to see how it feels. But yesterday's pressure felt great. Lots of bouncy cushion and grip while maintaining speed and responsiveness. It made me really love these tires.

It's amazing how much tires can make a difference on a mountain bike. I have a tendency, with equipment, to go, "Eh. It's probably all the same." But this rubber proves me wrong. I'm really enjoying the ride quality and added confidence these give me on the trail. My downhill is faster, my turns are sharper and my climbing is more efficient.

The wide 2.5" tire is doing more for me than I thought I would notice. I'm a big fan.

Get out there.

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