Off Course

An easy pitfall to stumble into when you're a bike commuter is monotony. When you're a commuter, you've got somewhere to be at a certain time every ride. But with the cushy ride of the LHT, I've been feeling like I've been missing some potential mileage. So today I left a tad bit early and increased my regular mileage by about 50%. It didn't tax my time too badly but added plenty of extra sunshine and exercise.

I need to do stuff like this more often. It's fun to ride roads that you haven't ridden hundreds of times. It's more engaging to see new sights and notice new things. For you other bike commuters out there, do you veer off course very often?

Get out there.


  1. I totally agree. I don't ride half as much as you do, but I can see how being on the same road over-and-over again, week after week could get monotonous. It's sometimes hard to find new/different routes, and sometimes it requires a longer ride, but I think it's worth it.

  2. yes, have been switching it up every few days