A Good Read

My fantastic wife picked up this little diddy for me about a year ago and I never actually gave it a thorough read. Yesterday, though, I found it in the night stand and decided I'd give it a go.

When she first gave me the book, I was in the midst of other reads. And it's written in a way that you can pick it up and thumb through it and still get a good laugh and some great info. Honestly, the book's ability to be read in brevity is what kept me from reading it all the way through. But fast forward to last night, and I read a few chapters straight through without skimming at all. It's a great read.

If you like bikes and reading, give the Bike Snob a shot. You'll like it.

Get out there.

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  1. We read this last year (it was a gift from my bil). My husband now uses passages of it in his teaching of freshman at Marshall. Great read.