Heavy Cargo

Lots of miles of family biking this weekend. Three kids, ages 3, 5 and 7 on a cargo bike pulling a trailer is a lot of extra weight. I was slower on these rides than ever before (since my kids continue to grow). I haven't quite figured out how to utilize a better system yet. So for now, it's taking our normal routes with the three bigs ones in tow.
Saturday was a trip to the library. And while we were out we figured we'd hit up the park. Weather was so nice, we ended up staying out for nearly three hours.
On the way back, I spotted some riding gloves on the road in the middle of nowhere. Sweet find! (By the way, they're laying on the hood of my car which is reflecting the clouds. That's not a photo of them floating in the air.)
Sunday's ride took us to Lowes to swap out a propane tank. The thing about propane tanks is that they weigh less when there's no propane in there. So the return ride gave me some extra cargo weight to push up the hills. It was a beast of a load.
On the way back from Lowes we stopped at another park that was at the half way point. I didn't stop because I had bitten of more than I could chew and was about to pass out and my legs were all aquiver and it felt like 200 degrees. I stopped because I'm a good dad and wanted to let my kids play :)
There was a random dog licking faces.
And Abe carried around a big log the entire time. He said it was "pretty like mommy" so he wanted to give it to her as a gift. My wife is beautiful... much better looking than that log.

After some quality park/rest time, we made our way back home. Two days of family riding wore me out. That was quite a bit of mileage for about 140 lbs worth of kid behind me. And that full propane tank certainly pushed me over the edge of my capacity. I was pooped.

But we had a blast and didn't have to drive a car for all those good times. I love riding with the fam.

Get out there.

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