Troll's New Shoes

It's sad to say that the Redline 925 is in the hands of another owner. After finishing the build-up of the single speed Cross Check, I no longer had need for the Redline in my stable. I loved that bike. But it's time had come.

The first thing I did with the 925 funds was head to Bike Green Lex to pick up some wider rubber for the Troll. The Troll has clearance for massive tires and I was ready to push the limit.
I came home with a set of Michelin Hots. They're 2.5" enduro tires that will fit my needs pretty well here on Kentucky trails. I wanted something that would offer a little more cushion on the Troll's rigid frame but still perform well in the cross country setting. Most of the super-wide MTB tires out there are really downhill specific. These offered a little from both worlds.

I rode them for the first time today at minimum recommended pressure (35 lbs). I will probably go a little less for normal rides and could drop them down significantly more if the occasion called for it. They certainly have the flexibility.

I was blown away by the grip on the trails. After becoming fairly familiar with our local trails, I know where to slow down. I know where my front tire is going to slide out. I know when to use more caution. Today, though, I found myself planted firmly into the dirt on aggressive turns. I'm sure it's a combination of softer rubber, better tread pattern and width. But it was noticeable better. I was very pleased.
Clearance on the Troll wasn't an issue at all. The left photo is the rear. There's still a half inch on each side. And the front still dwarfs these massive tires. Nowhere close.
Overall, I'm very pleased. They felt great. They added the bounciness that I was hoping for and were a great deal at retail cost. That's hard to beat.

Get out there.