Bikey Day in Louisville

I was in Louisville all day yesterday doing bikey stuff. It started with coffee with Tim at Heine Brothers. We've been talking about connecting for a while. So we spent a good hour chatting up bikes, blogs and Kentucky riding. He's ridden a lot of miles in Kentucky and has a lot of insight on roads in our fine state. It was great to connect with him. I highly recommend you check out his blog.

Next, I headed over to Justin's house. He's in town from Africa for a few months. So we were looking forward to catching up. Justin is the guy I rode with back in college when I got my first semi-legit mountain bike. We reminisced about old mountain bike stories and the crashes of yesteryear. But our goal was to spend the day riding. So we hopped on our bikes, rode to get some lunch, then pedaled to Cherokee Park for some trail riding.
A friend of his let him borrow his LiteSpeed titanium MTB for his time here in the states. It's a fantastic loaner bike.
We fought our way through the heat and overgrowth for a good part of the afternoon. Cherokee has great trails for sitting in a fairly populated part of the city. But, alas, we eventually pedaled our way back to his place so I could make it back to Lexington at a decent time.

It was a great day meeting a new friend and hanging with an old friend... all centered around riding bikes. Good stuff.

Get out there.

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