Newfound Xtracycle Love

Yesterday's lunch ride was upon my long bike... and it was delightful.

Quite honestly, this bike has been a dark shadow in my stable. I've had so many frustrations with the internally geared hub that have led me to parking it for the majority of the last six months or so. I struggled to get it tuned up and keep it tuned up. And every time I rode it, it made me dislike it more and more. Recently, though, I did all the research and spent the necessary time getting it tuned to perfection. It's so different that the conventional derailleur set-up that I'm used to working on, that I just put off doing it right. But, alas, it is now in great working order.

Yesterday, I needed it to pick up some stuff at the bike shop and the Xtracycle is quite useful for those utilitarian type errands. I rolled it into the shop and Jason, the shop's manager, was commenting on how great the design and use of the Xtracyle is. As I rolled back to work (shifting quite nicely, I might add), I was excited about this bike once again. It really is an amazing machine. It allows me to do things by bike that I could have never done before. When I do the work of maintaining this tool to function properly, it continues to deliver on doing the work it was made to do.

I love the Xtracycle.

Get out there.

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