A Surly Troll is Born

Last week I picked up a new little bikey thing that's got me pretty pumped. My buddy, Riley, at Bike Green Lexington received my shipment of a new Surly Troll frame set. This weekend I took it home, sprayed it full of frame saver and now it's on it's way back to Riley for headset and bottom bracket.

The Troll is going to be my mountain bike, partial commuter and the go-to ride for my wife. The Cross Check I bought for her will step down into single-speed foul weather duty. By running the Troll and two Cross Checks, I've got some really versatile bikes that'll handle almost any responsibility I throw their way.

That'll be four bikes in the garage. Roadie Cross Check, single-speed Cross Check, Troll and Xtracycle. It seems like the perfect plan for me.

Get out there.


  1. I am sooooo envious. I haven't stopped thinking about a Troll since the first time I saw it a year ago. I am really itching to get one and set it up as a do everything around town and trail bike with a Rohloff hub. Don't know why that appeals to me. But I've been wanting to try a Rohloff for some time now. I think the Troll would be a great application for it.

    Sadly, with the house rules imposed by my wife (one in, one out) I'd have to give up one of my five current bikes before buying a Troll. That would be nearly impossible for me to decide right now. I like and ride all my bikes.

    So, I'll live vicariously through you and your Troll for now. Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Very cool the old Cross Check is going to be a SS. It has spent most of it's life as a single geared bike.

  2. 2x Doug's comment in every capacity. Rock on Troll! Looking forward to the stories to come.

  3. @ Doug and Tex - I'm able to move two bikes out by bringing the Troll onto the scene. That's one of the biggest reasons I went for it.

    I'm pumped to run the SS Cross Check. It'll be a fun bike to ride!