Deadly Weapon?

On my way in this morning I saw something for the first time. It was the equivalent to roadkill on the bike path... Pathkill.

I saw a little mouse squished on the path as I pedaled along. I thought, "Wow. I've never seen such a thing. Perhaps we cyclists are heartless killers." But then my curiosity of guilt was soon overcome by a new mystery.

That mouse wasn't alone. For a good one mile stretch of the path I saw about a dozen dead mice. They weren't squished like the first. They were just sprawled out dead. What had I stumbled upon? A mouse massacre? Was it some kind of pesticide or mowing incident? All I know is, there's no way a bike could have taken out such a group. We cyclists remain innocent as far as I'm concerned.

Get out there.


  1. Weird.

    I once hit a chipmunk. It decided to sprint across the road just as I was passing and slammed right into my front wheel.

    I looked back and saw it laying on the road. When I passed by later in the day I expected to see it still there, squished by passing cars. There was no sign of it. Either it got up and walked away or one of the hundreds of raptors in our area had a nice chipmunk breakfast.

  2. Murfie must have been out there. :)