If you've been scraping frost off of your car or letting it run for 20 minutes before you get in it in the mornings, then you've noticed how cold it is. For me, that means busting out the layers and gloves for some cold weather bike commuting.

One of my most crucial pieces of cold weather gear is my balaclava. I don't like too much on my head and face, so I went with a cheap little polyester balaclava that shields me from the wind but doesn't smother me. It's not thermal. It's not fleece. It's just one small layer between my face and the elements. If you've ever considered cold weather riding, a balaclava is a great addition to the wardrobe. I'd highly recommend it.

Mine is made with a big enough hole that I can pull my face through. Honestly, I usually only wear it for probably 30% of the commute on my face. I get hot quickly and pull it down. But it also covers my ears and head (since I don't have a lot of hair up there).

Get out there.

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  1. I must be cold blooded or something. I can't wear a balaclava, too darn warm. I think it'd have to get down in the -40 degree range before it would be cold enough for me to consider one.

    Heck, I don't even cover my ears until it's below 20 degrees. I don't keep my face covered until it's below zero.

    Apparently though, I'm in the minority on that.