First Commute on the Surly Troll

Yesterday I finished the build to about 95%. I'm having a little trouble with my shifter for the front derailleur. It was a bit sticky the last time it was used and isn't shifting at all now. I just left the chain on the middle chainring and rode in today on the Troll anyway.

First impressions are great. The fit and ride feel very comfortable. I had my laptop, an iPad, a kindle and a change of clothes in my pannier. That's a lot of weight on a mountain bike. But it handled it with ease. I've still got to play with the H-Bars to get them adjusted perfectly. But as they are, they feel good. I just think they could feel better.

There wasn't enough time to switch out the tires. So today's ride was on knobbies. That'll make a difference when I switch those to the Schwalbes.

One thing I really like is the top tube slope. At first, I thought the little triangle coming down off of the seat tube was a little odd looking. Now I appreciate it. It makes it really easy to hop on and off of a loaded bike. The clearance for your leg is way more noticeable than I would have guessed.

Overall, I'm very pleased. I'm excited to ride it more.

Get out there.


  1. ok. Just have to ask. Why a Kindle and iPad?

  2. @ Darrell - Ha! I love the iPad for everything but prefer the Kindle for reading. You can't beat Kindle's ease on the eyes. It's worth it for those long reading sessions.

  3. Gotcha. They have new Fire coming out soon. I would like to get one of those for Misty. It's running a version of Android and with the Amazon Market for apps might be a great iPad alternative for us non fruit folks. :)

  4. Wick off that shifter and we can do a thermal sonic cleaning - it restores 90% of them! The bike looks sweet....