Mayday, Van Down!

Our primary family transportation was down for two and a half weeks getting a new transmission (by the way, I would have loved to have spent that money on a Pugsley instead... but I'm not bitter :)). So my wife was driving my Subaru and I was car-free for a while.
I'm so glad that I have the Xtracycle and plenty of bike enthusiasm in seasons like this. My wife had a doctor's appointment when I took this photo. She drove across town while I loaded the boys up for some man/bike time. Having the Xtra and trailer meant that we were, in no way, confined to the neighborhood. We explored the town and found a great little park with playground and basketball courts. This wouldn't have been a remote possibility with one car and no bikes.

The truth is, I enjoyed that time when the van was gone. It was nice to depend on the bikes out of necessity. It made me appreciate them more.

Get out there.


  1. Longtail life is wonderful. Having one car and two cargo bikes we (my family) are much better prepared to get by if something were to happen to the one car than if we only had two cars and no bikes and something happened to one car.

    I'm still stoked that you're riding an Xtracycle around Lexington!

  2. @ Chris - Lexington is a great place to ride!