Wider Tires

I've been seriously considering selling my 28mm tires for my Cross Check and switching to something wider. My reservations are coming from the fact that I run wide tires on my other bikes already. I tell myself that I need skinny tires on a road bike... and if I want to ride gravel, I should make a different bike choice. But when I encounter this on those skinny tires, I can't help but wish I'd make the jump.

I don't need skinny tires on a road bike. I can still be fast. I'm just slow to leave them so hastily. But I'm finding that I really love this gravel crunching type riding.

Get out there.


  1. 28mm tires ARE wide...to some people. I run 28's on my pacer but am tempted to go a little wider just because I can.
    I wish avocet still made the slick tires like they did in the '90s, those were great. fat true 28mm tire rolled real fast and cornered great.

  2. It's a well documented myth that fatter tires are not as fast as thinner tires. And if they are, the difference in speed is almost inperceptible to most people.

  3. @ Easton Heights - 28's are small to me!

    @ Doug - I know they're not faster. But something in me makes me hold back. I just need to make the jump.

  4. You know, it's a personal choice, but I've settled on 28's for my Cross Check, 25's for the tandem, and 23's for my road bike.

    I'm where you are on our tandem, though. I keep thinking I should jump up to 28's, but I can't make myself pull the string, primarily because "that's what we've always ridden the tandem on".

    In my view, 32's wouldn't make much of a difference for you at all on the road, but you would know it (for the better) on that gravel.