Late Night Ride and a Crash

Last night I went out late on the Xtracycle. My buddy is out of town and I needed to let his dog out around 10pm. I took the opportunity to ride for about an hour with blinky lights blazing in the dark. It was a blast. Bike rides are a totally different experience in pitch black.

 This is RJ Corman's hanger for a couple planes and helicopters. It's pretty well lit up at night.
 City courthouse.

As I took this pic I went over my handlebars. Bad situation. I let go of the bars to try to focus my iPhone's camera and boom. I went down. The headset on the Xtracycle needs to be replaced. It doesn't quite operate in a way that allows to to ride easily with no hands. I paid the price.

It took me a good 8-10 minutes to find my phone in the dark. And luckily it was it perfect condition when I found it. I'll certainly make wiser choices next time.

Get out there.

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