Coffee Break

This morning I took a cue from Pondero and made a nice little coffee stop during my commute into work. There's a little side road off of my commute that ends in a nice field... perfect for a mid-ride break.
There aren't any cars heading down this road. I did chat briefly with a guy on a horse. It's just double-track gravel that ends at a farm gate and a water tower, so not much reason to head this way. I knew there wouldn't be any interruptions. 
I was able to sit, sip coffee and read on the Kindle for a nice portion of my morning. The grass was a little wet, so I opted to sit on the SnapDeck popped off of the Xtracycle. Next time I'll probably bring a camping chair.
It was a great time. I needed to rest my mind and have some solitude before work. This could become a normal thing.

Get out there.

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