Wet Roads

Today was one of those days when the roads are soaking wet after a good rain. On these days, the water from below can soak through you even though there's no rain from above... unless you're running fenders, of course.
I also had the nice surprise of seeing these posts return to the bike path. This is the point where the road ends and the path begins. It didn't take a month after the path opened for people to take these posts out with their cars. So for the last year, there's been nothing but stumps protecting the path from oncoming cars.

Now that they're back, let's hope they last a bit longer this time.

Get out there.


  1. Which path is that? I'm woefully ignorant of Lex bike facilities.

  2. @ Tex69 - It's a short path that runs parallel to Hwy 68. It starts in Nicholasville and goes to Wilmore... which also could be stated as "starts no where and ends no where." It's great for me, though. The path is about 8 miles of my 11 mile commute.

    Our bike infrastructure is really taking off here, though. It's great to see them installing more bike lanes.