New Bag and a Contest

I finally got a new sleeping bag. I tend to buy quality gear in something like ten year intervals. So getting a new piece of camping equipment is pretty exciting for me. I purchased my last bag in college and it's still kicking. But I figured I needed something that packed down a little smaller and was better for summer nights.
I went with the Lafuma Extreme 950 Pro. The temp rating is 30 degrees and the pack size is 5"x10". There are certainly smaller bags out there, but this fit my budget once I factored in the purchase of a compression bag. FYI, lots of newer bags don't come with a quality stuff sack for compression sake. I went with an OR compression bag. Overall, I'm very pleased.

On another, rather random note, I got an email last night from Circle of Moms. I'm not really familiar with the site but they've created a Top 25 Family Cycling blogs list and it appears that family//bike//words is on it. Click on over to cast your vote for this blog. Frankly, there are some better blogs on that list than my own. But if it generates people to read more about family cycling and end up riding more, I'll support it.

Get out there.

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