When a Plan Comes Together

I couldn't be more excited about my recent purchase from my bike shop, Bike Green Lexington. Friday afternoon, I borrowed my buddy's car and picked up new wheels, brakes and drivetrain for the Troll. My plan was to buy the frame last year, build it up with junk from the garage and finish it some time this year after saving for real components. That plan is finally nearing it's finish.
Here's the Troll in it's current state. But some time this week, I'll strip it down to nothing but frame, seatpost, seat, headset, stem and bars. I'll be putting on some Handpun DP20 wheels, Avid BB7's, FSA triple crankset and a SRAM X7 drivetrain and shifters (I'll include more spec details on here when I build it up. But that's the basic gist of it all).

Mad props to Riley at Bike Green Lexington for helping me spec this thing out. I had a tiny budget for such a project and he had to work at finding a combination that fit all my needs. He and Jason are great help over at the shop.

The next full shot of the Troll will look like a brand new bike. It'll run nicer than it ever has and will finally be the bike I planned for when it all started last year. I can't wait.

Get out there.


  1. Your discipline and focus are admirable. I hope you reap due rewards for many miles.

  2. @ Pondero - Thanks! I'm super excited about it!