As Close as it Gets

This is as narrow as the road gets on the worst turn on my commute. People say I'm crazy for riding roads like this. In all honesty, when a car is passing you, they give plenty of room for safety. This is a shot of Justin on this morning's ride. That truck has given him plenty of room and he's not even completely crossed the yellow lines (again, on the most narrow part of the road). No worries on our end.

Now I'll admit that some drivers don't know what to do and they swing much further out than is necessary. And some get closer than what's comfortable, too. But that's no more true here than it is in the neighborhood streets I ride. For the most part, I feel equally safe all every road.
On an unrelated note, the roads were very wet this morning and we got caught in the rain for the last quarter mile. I was happy to have those fenders!

Get out there.


  1. After I moved west I had this perception that riding in KY had been stressful. Of course I've been stressed a lot riding in CO. On a return visit last summer I realized people were more polite, gave me more room, and generally drove slower. Despite the roads being narrower with a lot more visual obstructions I ended up feeling much safer in KY riding on the road.

  2. I guess your perception of safe passing is different from mine. What if your friend fell to the left? Looks to me like he'd hit the vehicle...