Last night, Mike and Jeff came out to the garage for some bike maintenance action. Mike's bike was thrashed in a full-day massive torrential downpour ride and Jeff was tuning up his old Trek Antelope to sell on Craigslist. I love working on bikes. And I especially love when you can take a bike that is nearly 100% inoperable and get it back to perfect working order by the end of the night.

Mike got new brakes, trued wheels and derailleur and shifter tune-up. And Jeff's shifter went from about 20% to 100%.
I recently bought the Park Tool TS-25. It's a truing stand(ish) mount that attaches to my Park Tool work stand. It's pretty minimalistic.  But it makes truing a wheel easier than not having a stand at all. And at $25, it's totally worth it. The TS-25 only gives you a reference point on one side of the wheel (thus making it minimal) but at least allows you to have a constant gauge. If you've got a Park Tool work stand, I would highly recommend it.

But these guys now have bikes worthy of riding (or selling) and we had fun doing it. I love working on bikes almost as much as I love riding them.

Get out there.

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