New Ride - Surly Troll

Yesterday, I picked up the newly built Surly Troll from the bike shop. Everything is finished. It is a complete bike.
For now I'm running the Schwalbe Marathon Cross tires on it. I've got fatter, more aggressive tires for actual MTB stuff. But I knew I'd want to commute on it and get in as many miles as possible for a while on the new rig.

There's plenty to share about the ride. It shifts better than ever. It brakes better than ever. It's so nice to have a bike that works properly. I'll begin to play with minor adjustments with stem, seat and whatnot now. It's worth perfecting now that I've got everything in working order.

Today's ride in felt sublime. Nice, cool weather. Heavy fog sitting on the ground. It was a great day to ride a new bike.

Get out there.


  1. I'm jealous. My bikes are working great for my needs and I can't buy a new one without another one getting sold. House rules. Plus, no new bikes in the budget for a couple of years right now. Other priorites taking precedent for awhile.

    So please write about your Troll, so I know what it's like. A Troll is 1st or 2nd on my list if I were to buy a new bike.

  2. Me first Me first. I've been strongly considering changing out my LHT frame for a Troll. They're both 26" and I have pretty much all the parts necessary. Don't know if it's greed or a logical direction for a more multi-use

  3. Yeah, what those guys said. The Troll seems like such a cool bike, but I've got this whole reduction/simplification thing going on right now.

  4. I'm excited to write more about it. I've always felt like it was only "halfway" done, so I've never been too invested in it. Now I feel like I can represent it well. Thus far, I have nothing but good things to say.

  5. just saw this pic on google images....imagining my build

    1. Welcome to the fold. You'll love it.