Troll Work

Last night I stripped the Troll down to it's naked form. I threw on the new wheels, disc brakes and levers, shifters, crankset and derailleur and called it a night. I knew my timeframe was growing short and I wanted everything done but the cabling.

After all was put together (but not quite in working order), I loaded the Troll onto the Xtracycle so that I could get it to Riley at the shop for finishing touches. I've never run disc brakes before. So I'm going to have him tune them up to perfection for me. That way, when I've got a repair to do, I will learn from how things are actually supposed to be, not how I think they're supposed to be.

This morning's commute was a windy one. And when you add the extra weight of an extra bike on top of an already slow bike, it puts you at a crawling pace. But the total time for the commute was only five minutes longer than normal... but it felt like quite a haul/crawl.
The Subaru was parked at work so at some point today I'll just drive the rest of the way to the bike shop and have this baby back fully functional soon enough. I'm incredibly excited.

Get out there.


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  2. I love seeing other bikes being hauled by an Xtracycle. I try to do it as often as possible.