I Love to Bike Commute

Probably 80% of my mileage is bike commuting. I don't have a ton of extra time in my life with four kids, a wife I want to be around all the time and doing pastoral work. But I certainly make time to commute by bike. In reality, it doesn't take too much time away. My alternative is to ride in the car and shorten things a bit. But it wouldn't be worth it. I could save time at the sacrifice of mental stability. The last couple days of bike commuting have offered me such peace before and after work. My brain decompresses. My emotions settle and my spirit gets lifted so that I'm 100% when I put on my dad and husband hat. I absolutely love it.
I forgot to post yesterday. It felt good to forget. I ride to ride. I don't ride to post on this blog. Yesterday was a good reminder. Being that I forgot to post, I decided I'd take an identical photo this morning since I was on a different bike (today has a chance of rain, so I rode the single speed).

So this post has no point. It's me rambling about how I like to ride. But I could ramble for hours.

Get out there.


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  2. Riding is commuting, exercise, thinking time, and anger management. It smooths out the rough edges so we can be at our best. I hear you.

  3. Multi-tasking is over-rated, and transitioning from one area of focus to another (especially via bicycle,such as on a commute home for example) seems healthy to me.

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