Ride to Danville

The church I work for has a campus in Danville that I head to every Wednesday. That's my car day when I drop off the boys at school and have four wheels available if I ever need to drive to Danville myself (most times I hitch a ride). But yesterday I had an early meeting and the temperature was just going to be way too perfect to pass up a longer bike commute into Danville. So I mounted the bike just before 6am and headed south.
Fog was incredibly heavy yesterday morning. The camera always does something strange with fog. It never quite captures it right. But you can see the dense fog sitting beyond this tree line. And that darkness in the sky is actually another tree line in the distance.
This was the most intense part. The fog was thick and this is about a half mile drop towards the river. I bet I was rolling 30mph with a five foot visual in front of me. It was pretty wild.
It was about a 28 mile ride with two river crossings. This is the second one. There was a big difference in light and temperature by the time I hit the second crossing. In the previous pic, I couldn't even see the water from the bridge. This one here is clear as ever.
All in all it was a good ride... but a bit boring at times. Lots of what we see in Kentucky is beautiful farmland and wilderness. Not on this route. I stopped and shot this farm because it was one of very few. The rest of the ride was remotely industrial, one might say. It's a lot of wannabe development.

It was great to begin my day with nearly two hours of solitude outdoors. I'll certainly make the ride again. Yesterday had the unique opportunity of having another guy with a bike rack driving to campus that day. So I was guaranteed a ride home. Not a bad deal.

Get out there.


  1. Wow! That's incredable!

  2. The bluegrass song "Danville Pike" comes to mind. Cool ride!

  3. Beautiful KY morning. Mine will be coming soon when school ends.