Early Morning

This morning was really out of the ordinary. I hopped on the bike before 7am and went out for a non-commmute 20 miler. Monday is my day to take one of the little people to school so I usually ride MTB during lunch. But a 100% chance of rain by noon didn't look so great for riding dirt trails. So I opted to try and beat the rain by riding super early.

My plans were thwarted, though, as it started to rain before I even got out of my neighborhood. I was determined to ride, so I continued on my soggy path.
It's really beautiful to ride in the dark. Everything seems different. But with the right lighting on your bike and/or body, you're just as visible (if not more) than day time. The photo above is an airplane hanger with two helicopters and two jets. It's owned by a railroad tycoon that lives in Jessamine County. I like using the word "tycoon," by the way.

Soon enough, the sun had arisen and I was left under a grey, wet sky. But I had chosen roads that were very lightly traveled. So the rain and darkness never really bothered my nerves. In 20 miles, I was only passed once by one car on a road without a huge shoulder for me to ride on.
The photo above is what I believe to be the Primate Rescue Center. I've known it was in Jessamine County for a while but never looked it up to check it out. There weren't any formal markings or signage. But this was the address (and it certainly looked like more than just a private residence). If that's it, there's more than 50 monkeys and apes in there. Pretty cool.
Two long haul truckers.
I looped back towards the road that crosses through the creek. The roads around here tend to be very steep and winding. It's a little nerve wracking when it's raining and drops are pelting you in the face and you're on two skinny tires and you're rolling at over thirty miles an hour. But that exhilaration is a great way to wake up in the early morning.

So 20(ish) miles before work. Plenty of time to hit the showers and distribute children to their schools. Great way to start the day.

Get out there.

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