Like a Good Neighbor

While waiting at the bus stop this morning, I got a text from my neighbor and coworker, Neil, asking if I was riding in this morning. He's really been enthusiastic about riding more recently. But I was still caught off guard by his desire to ride today. It was raining out, and most of the time, that's a good excuse to not ride.

But I was already planning on pedaling in. And Neil jumped at the opportunity.
This past weekend, Neil put some drop bars on his Jamis hybrid. He got the bike for a steal on Craigslist but he's always wanted more hand positions and the geometry that drops offer. So he took on his first major bike DIY project and made it happen. The bike looks great and made for some good motivation to keep riding. Nice work, Neil!

And for those out there reading that don't ride in foul weather, talk to Neil. The latest, greatest gear for all-weather riding is helpful. But ultimately, you don't need it. And riding is always fun, rain or shine.

Get out there.

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