New ESI Grips

Ever since the Troll has had it's new build components, I've not been able to find a grip situation that I've liked. The SRAM shifters require your thumb to curl under the bar for both up and down-shifting. The Ergon grips that I prefer on my MTB bars are too wide and make it harder to get my thumb down and then up under the hand position. So I have to go with a more traditional round grip.

I've experimented with several grips and haven't found anything that eliminates numbness the same way that the Ergons do. Here's my next attempt. My buddy, Jason, runs the ESI's and I really like the potential.

Soft foamy material conforms to your hand as you ride. It seems pretty cushy. If these things work well, I may add a set to the upper portion of the H-Bar. For now, though, they're just on the bike. No miles have been ridden. I'll let you know how they feel after actually riding them.

Get out there.

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