Two Weeks

The geared Cross Check comes back tomorrow. It's been two weeks since I've used a derailleur on my commute. There's a bittersweet feeling as I pedal the 925. This bike is a blast to ride. I love riding single speed and this has been the perfect bike for my foul weather adventures. But I love riding single speed so much that I've built up a single speed Cross Check with Doug's old frame (photos to come soon). So I've spent two weeks gaining lots of mileage on the 925, only to post it for sale online.
It's available if anyone wants it. I don't want to fool with shipping it. But if someone wanted to pay for a bike box and shipping, I guess I'd do it. Shoot me a price that seems fair to you to jayremenshneider(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment. If you can tell me what reference "Jay Remenshneider" is, I'll knock twenty bucks off :)

Get out there.


  1. He eats horse all the time... I'll give you $20 for the bike, which means if my math is correct you have to give it to me for free.

  2. What are you looking to get? I am looking for a ss road bike, and I'm in Cincinnati.

  3. Hey Cody,
    I'd like to get $300 for it. That's half of what I paid two years ago. Shoot me an email at the address I listed above if you're interested. Thanks for reading!