Great Gloves

This past weekend on my bikepacking trip, I grew a special bond with my old gloves. I've had these Gore Bike Wear gloves for the last couple years and they've been nothing but faithful. They were one of the first "nice" pieces of gear I bought when I got into cycling. They block wind well, keep me warm down into the teens, but offer enough dexterity to really let me use my hands. No complaints, whatsoever.

Honestly, I'm not even sure of the actual model name. I went through Gore's website and couldn't identify them. But they're tried and true. I have several Gore Bike Wear products and I love every one of them. For this trip, they kept me warm and my hands protected as I fumbled around on my loaded MTB.

By the way, I laid these on the tailgate of Mike's white pickup. That's why the photo looks so angelic.

Get out there.

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