Louisville Visit

I was in Louisville for a long meeting yesterday so I decided to take advantage of being in new territory for a little dirt riding. I hit up Cherokee Park for the first time on wide tires. When I lived in Louisville, I would ride here every once in a while for a nice little training loop. But their dirt trails are great, too.
There were lots of short, steep climbs that resulted in some fun switchbacks. It made me realize that my usual MTB spot, Capitol View Park, is pretty flat. The steepness of the climbs put a hurting on me. There were several times I rode a wheelie all the way up!
I'm terrible at riding logs like this. I can't keep a good line on a mountain bike for some reason. So I spent a few minutes practicing here. I love building technical skill like this.
I zigged and zagged around this creek the entire ride.
The Troll unfolded in the back of the work minivan. I was sure to keep things clean :)

Any Louisville readers recommend anywhere else to ride in town? I was very pleased with Cherokee. I'll certainly be back. But, in the future, I'd love to build in a full day of MTB in and around Louisville.

Get out there.


  1. I'm not much of a mountain biker. I don't even own a mountain bike. I've ridden with a friend who loaned me one though.

    We've hit Cherokee a few times, but my favorite was Waverly Hills. The trails there seem to have more "flow".

  2. I strongly 2nd Dave's observation about Waverly. You could do a fun day combining the 2.