Commute Buddy

My friend Neil (who happens to work with me and live in my neighborhood) got a bike for his birthday. His wife found a steal of a deal on an old Jamis hybrid that was in perfect condition. So with the hype of a new bike and the fact that we live close and work together, commuting together is a simple decision.

It was fun to have someone on the bike for the ride. It's few and far between when I have someone with me. I let another friend borrow my geared Cross Check, so I was rocking the single speed. It was fun to do a side by side of a geared bike and the 925.

 Congrats, Neil. Let's keep 'em rolling.

Get out there.


  1. I recently started bike commuting - I got a folding bike, and it's been great so far. I can even store it under my desk.

  2. Oh, to have a commuting buddy would be heaven for me. No matter how much we enjoy the outdoors and the exercise, the monotony of the same ride can get old. I'm glad you have someone to share it with. Maybe you inspired your neighbor...