Recon Mission

As we cleaned out our minivan on Sunday morning we realized a shoe had gone missing. The shoe belonged to my two year old who happened to have his window open on our trip to Walmart Saturday night. This is the child who likes to throw things out of that very window. Therefore, we deduced that that little show was sitting somewhere on Hwy 27 between our house and Walmart.

What's the best tool to slowly comb the streets looking for a tiny sneaker? That's right. A bicycle.

I took a ride yesterday that was dual purpose. My wife wanted me to have a little mental break and I was looking for a shoe. My mental hiatus was great, but, alas, after riding up and down the open lane I never found the shoe. Looks like we're headed back to Walmart tonight for another pair... this time, with the windows closed.

Get out there.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Good thing you found it, and got to have a cool mental vacation at the same time. LOL.. with the windows closed this time.