Long Haul

This morning I had the trailer hitched to the Cross Check for my commute. Some buddies are borrowing it to haul gear on a camping trip and the best way to get it to them was to pull it. Normally, I'm just pulling the trailer in the small neighborhood streets throughout my little town. Rarely do a reach high speeds on narrow roads with this long hauler.

It handled fine. I think it's a mental thing... the trailer usually means there's one of my beloved children behind me. So it's a chilling feeling when cars are buzzing by it at 70mph. But I made it in with no hang-ups. No worries at all.

Get out there.


  1. Do you have a camera man that follows you to take these pictures? Wait....are you Bear Grylls?

  2. @ Mike - There's a whole crew. It's big time.