Yesterday's ride home helped me to realize how spoiled I am on this bike path. It's incredibly rare that I see anyone on the path. In the warmer months, I may see two people a month. In the cooler temps, there is absolutely no one. Not the case, yesterday...

Within the first mile I rode up on another guy on a single speed Huffy cruiser. He had a bunch of folders under his arm and asked where the court house was. I slowed down, gave him directions and he asked how much longer it was going to take. Unfortunately, at his pace, I told him about an hour and a half. He wasn't pleased.

Soon after that I was buzzed by a lycra-clad roadie coming from the opposite direction. She was CLOSE when she passed. But it wasn't her fault. It was mine. I was just pedaling along, not looking where I was going, taking in the views of the farmland. At that point I realized I needed to pay more attention. And boy, did I ever have to.

For the remainder of my ride, there was some type of cross country or track team running on the path. There seemed to be about 30+ runners, running on this side and that, that I had to dodge for a good five miles. It was like playing a video game. I came up on them faster than they expected and they were more sprawled out on the path than I expected. It was quite the ordeal.

As I said, it made me realize how spoiled I am. I love the solitude of my commute and I didn't like sharing it. But that's okay. My last three miles were remote and alone. The serenity and rural vibe from the photo above is what I normally experience. I just didn't get my normal dose of normalcy yesterday.

Get out there.

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