Bike Parking

The rumor is that I'll be changing offices here soon. I don't really care where my office is. There's better things to be concerned about. But I'm currently in, what I believe to be, the best office in the building.

There's a little nook outside my actual office that was intended for an administrative assistant. Being that I don't have an admin, that little nook has been used for bike parking. From time to time, for one reason or another, I end up with a couple extra bikes parked at work. And this area is especially helpful when you've got a big ol' xtracycle that needs a place to rest during the day. Also, I meet with a lot of people that may not want to have a greasy, wet bike in their lap.

But, alas, I'll be forfeiting the best office in the building for something new. On the plus side, when my bikes are parked right in front of my desk, I'll be able to daydream about them as I work. Perhaps the new tenant in here will allow me to leave the bikes laying around :)

Get out there.

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