Slow Learner

I did a little wrenching on my rear wheel this last weekend. The cones had become a little loose. I was feeling a tiny bit of wobble from side to side... I'm no expert, but I don't think it's supposed to do that.

I have several thousand miles on the Cross Check and it has never needed anything other than tuning of the cables. This is the first visit to the shop for anything else.

As I was standing at the counter I was feeling a little brave. "Would it be cheaper to buy the cone wrench and do it myself?" There. I had said it. The guys at the shop are awesome. He didn't laugh. He didn't insult me. He actually acted excited to teach me something.

So, yes. It was cheaper. He probably took more time explaining it to me (way more than I needed to know, by the way) than it would have taken for him to fix it.

Of course it was easy. No big deal at all. It took me five minutes, actually. But I'm a slow learner and bike mechanics tend to end with bent metal and pierced skin when I'm involved.

Not this time. I'm getting there.

Get out there.

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